Review: Lady Bird (2017)


Lady Bird+ Recommended -R, Dramedy


There’s a reason Lady Bird held a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for such a long time. Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson’s (Saoirse Ronan) coming of age story is gut-punchingly realistic.

From her volatile relationship with her mother (Laurie Metcalf), to brutal high school heartbreaks, everyone can find something to relate to in Greta Gerwig’s incredible directorial debut.

Never, have I related to every character until I sat down to watch this movie. The story pulls you in until you are reliving your past right along with our protagonist, Lady Bird. She’s loud and rebellious at the same time that she is timid and insecure. Her struggles to understand her family, true friendship, and the ways of the heart play out in her hometown of Sacramento, CA. As Christine prepares to graduate high school, she must decide between colleges close to home or the place she’s always dreamed of, New York City.

As Christine discusses all the ins and out of being a teenage girl with her best friend Julie (Beanie Feldstein), it’s apparent that director Greta Gerwig is working on a story that is somewhat autobiographical. Some scenes are just too real to be made up. Saoirse Ronan deserves serious praise for her fabulous portrayal of a Catholic school girl who isn’t sure if she believes in a god. Lady Bird’s quest to figure out what is truly important to her is a heart melting look in to everyone’s inner teenager. This is a movie you will want to watch over and over again; both with and without family.

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