Review: People (2016)


+ Recommended – NR, Comedy, Drama

“This film is meant to be taken in small doses,” a disclaimer at the beginning reads. A forewarning for the reality and meta-ness to come. It’s a love letter to art-house films and the struggle they have with general audiences and studio “big-cats.”

The audience is delightfully treated to six vignettes. Each have their own contained story and yet are more effective together; especially when you fully realize what writer-director Shane McGoey’s intentions were. He questions humanity and what they value. Do they seek other’s attention? Or maybe: do they live through others? What are humans lacking within themselves? Ultimately, the film wants the audience to question their purpose in life.

Comedy weaves through the dialogue seamlessly, often in places you wouldn’t expect it. But it doesn’t take you out of the films immersion because you are supposed to be taken out of it. My favorite examples of this come from the vignettes titled, “Control” and “Bad Faith.” Actor Mustafa Harris’ (Franz) performance in the latter vignette constructs a naturally dynamic character with enriched motivation in a short amount of time. Watching the progression of the character’s throughout becomes more engaging as you slowly piece the story together.

Of course, the film isn’t perfect; but that’s the beauty of it. The dialogue can sometimes miss it’s mark and scenes can sometimes feel elongated in order to hit the proper run-time. However, when you think about the message, it blends together. Everyone can take something away from this film. Humans aren’t perfect. Life may lead nowhere in the end. But before it does: watch this film.


Author: Jared Charles

I am the owner of The Burrow Reviews. Currently studying Film, English, Political Science, and Gender Studies.

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