Animal Kingdom

Happy Holidays! I’ve brought you my (Jared) favorite TV shows of 2017 just in time for Christmas!

It’s been a stacked year for television. It doesn’t help that streaming services are supplying their own shows along with network television. These top picks are based on what I believe to be the most enjoyable, most influential, and most culturally relevant. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are my top 10 shows of 2017:

The Punisher (season 1)
Shut Eye (season 2)
Stranger Things (season 2)
Better Call Saul (season 3)
Rick and Morty (season 3)
Casual (season 3)
Animal Kingdom (season 2)
Big Mouth (season 1)
American Vandal (season 1)
Mindhunter (season 1)

Of course, this list is subject to change as I view shows from this year that I have not yet had the chance to see; I will update this list as I see more. What is your top 10 list of shows in 2017? Drop them in the comments below!