Review: Black Mirror (Season 4, 2017)

Black Mirror 4

+ Recommended – TV-MA, Drama

Netflix’s hit show, Black Mirror, has returned for it’s fourth season. This time around audiences are treated to a look at how technology could affect everyday life. With the advancement of today’s already ever-changing technology, Black Mirror’s fourth season seems like a rather relevant case study.

These six episodes are wildly different, as per usual. And the six episode order is unfortunate because the binge for this show is unlike any other. Almost certainly, you will find yourself blatantly staring at the screen with your mouth open; unapologetically unable to stop watching. The stories themselves go in directions that twist and turn along the way. I don’t think you will truly ever know what the exact ending might be.

The advantage to any anthology show lies within the constantly changing environment and pace. This is especially true when you have different directors for every episode. Among them is Jodie Foster (House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black) who directed the episode titled “Arkangel.” It goes without saying that Black Mirror hires talented writers and directors that execute their storytelling well.

Critics and audiences alike, however, are torn about the latest season. Some are saying that it’s a worthy addition while others had a more lukewarm response. One thing is clear: Black Mirror continues to shock. “Crocodile” has been criticized as being too dark without a purpose, something that crossed my mind after it was over. Of course, that could have been intentional and I respect the direction. Meanwhile, episodes like “Hang the DJ” showcase some of the best hours that television has to offer; tugging at your heartstrings.

Season four started and ended strong. “USS Callister” and “Black Museum” tell two different stories but are eerily similar. Aside from the episode “Metalhead,” I felt that all episodes stood on their own well. The content didn’t feel forced or contrived but rather naturally unpleasant. If you have free time and want background noise or if you desire being challenged to think critically, Black Mirror season four will suffice all viewing habits. Check out the ranking of each episode below:

  1. “Hang the DJ”
  2. “USS Callister”
  3. “Black Museum”
  4. “Crocodile”
  5. “Arkangel”
  6. “Metalhead”

Author: Jared Charles

I am the owner of The Burrow Reviews. Currently studying Film, English, Political Science, and Gender Studies.

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