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Director Tim Miller (Deadpool), who is currently developing and will be directing a Terminator movie with James Cameron, is at work on a solo Kitty Pryde movie.

Sources confirmed with Collider that this was, in fact, true. For those who don’t know, Kitty Pryde is an X-Men member who has made appearances in movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: The Last Stand. Her abilities are pretty neat, as she can become intangible and pass through solid objects.

In both of those films listed above, the character was played by actress Ellen Page (Juno, Inception). Many have wondered if she would return to reprise her role. While I would be thrilled if she were to return, I believe that the character of Kitty Pryde could be played by a new actress and that the story has enough potential for a stand-alone film to carry the film’s box office numbers.

With everything Tim Miller has going on, I wouldn’t be surprised if this project doesn’t get completed or is delayed for quite a few years. Terminator movies, of recent, have had trouble getting fan and critical praise and it truly comes as no surprise that Tim Miller would like to make a great entry into that franchise. However, the sources that broke this story exclusively to Collider seem to be very enthusiastic about making this project.

Another factor to consider when talking about this project is the Disney-Fox merger. By the time Disney officially owns Fox, it could be possible that the timing allows for this movie to come in right on the heels of Avengers 4. Could this be a way to incorporate X-Men into the MCU? Stay turned on The Burrow Reviews for any updates on this breaking story.