Review: Here Lies Joe (2016)

Here Lies Joe

+- Recommended At Your Discretion – NR, Drama, Short


This review is a difficult one to write. It has a lot of positives that would normally see a recommendation to watch this short film with no hesitation,

however, the one drawback in this film is surrounding one of two main characters, and that is proving hard to move past.

Here Lies Joe tells the story of a man struggling with depression. On his first day of his new support group, Suicide Anonymous, Joe (Dean Temple) meets a woman who goes simply by the letter Z (Andi Morrow). The moment she walks in to the room, conflict comes to the surface.

It makes sense, how the following scenes would work on paper, as Z pushes Joe to come to grips with what he is running from. On screen, however, her character quickly becomes abrasive. Her “edgy” and “rebellious” responses to literally any action or phrase from another character made the act of finishing the 23:01 run time a chore. In a short filled with breathtaking cinematography and a strong ensemble performance from Timothy J. Cox (Bill) as the support group leader, it was more than a little disappointing to not be able to recommend Here Lies Joe wholeheartedly. This short is still worth watching. Dean Temple has a commanding and heart breaking presence that practically fills the screen. The camera work here is truly awe-inspiring.

This short won’t be for everyone, but if you’re looking for something quick and beautiful to watch, Here Lies Joe is far from your worst option.

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