According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, in 1998 Sony had an offer from Marvel to buy the rights to nearly every iconic character.

The studio, at that time, thought that general audiences would only care about the Spider-Man movie they were making. Interestingly enough, marvel offered them all the property rights for a measly $25 million.

What we have to remember is that superhero movies weren’t big at the time. It’s only been in the past few years that the hunger for these popcorn flicks¬†has increased. Obviously Sony made the wrong decision but at the time it probably seemed like the best option for them. Who’s to say that even if Sony had acquired the rights that the quality of those movies would be matched with today’s? I’m sure that the studio¬†is beating themselves up for losing out on nearly $6 billion dollars at the box office, though.

Would you have preferred the MCU being shipped to Sony? Or do you think Disney has it on lockdown? Let us know what you think the MCU would have looked like with Sony in the comments below.