Review: Jessica Jones (Season 2, 2018)


+ Recommended – TV-MA, Action, Crime, Drama


Jessica Jones’ second season is not as bad as everyone is saying. With that being said, there are some undeniable issues that stem from the 13 episode roster. In season two, Jessica (Krysten Ritter) and her gang of miscreants are back and their main goal is to dig in to Jessica’s past to uncover the nefarious dealings of IGH…kind of.

The premise for this season relies heavily on the timeline. We see the aftermath from the end of season one and how that is affecting Jessica in her day to day dealings. It’s not going well. She’s relying on alcohol even more than in the first season and her limited patience is entirely gone. We jump back in not but a few weeks since we saw Kilgrave’s last encounter with Jessica. Eka Darville is back as Malcolm, and is helping Jess not only with her P.I. business, but also in keeping her life together as a person in general. Trish (Rachael Taylor) is still fulfilling her role as entitled adopted-sister and most annoying person on the show. I will say that I was so pleased with the depth and development that Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) received overall, her character is a huge standout for this season.

In maintaining the theme of not spoiling anything for our loyal readers, I will shy away from sharing any plot points that were not shown in the trailers. I’m going to focus on the positives and the negatives, and what has really changes in terms of filming and scene setting since season one. So, let’s get into it. The acting on this show is truly phenomenal. Even when a character’s decision making doesn’t make any sense, the actresses and actors maintain convincing performances. Season one had a really gritty overtone, the settings, the lighting, all of it combined to give you a real ‘back alley’ feel and while you do have those moments in season two, they’ve evolved. This season, they really went for the film noir. Jessica narrates a lot of what’s going on and it truly sounds like it could have been pulled from any old detective show. The lighting is absolutely gorgeous and their use of color scheme in all of these Netflix/Marvel shows is always awe-inspiring.

However, not everything can come up roses. The plot suffers from a lack of a central antagonist and thin storylines. Let’s be frank. This show did not need 13 episodes. It struggles to fill all the episodes with story development and characters really suffer for it. Starting on episode 8, things start to go sideways. Characters make decisions that come out of left field, the overall vibe from scene to scene starts to feel incredibly jumbled and the plot just falls apart. Secondary characters seem to suffer the worst, but even our main team is just a mess. Now, I will say that the writing surrounding Jessica was wonderful. There wasn’t a moment that I was caught off by something she said or an interaction that she had with another character that seemed out of place. One decision that she made in particular didn’t make any sense for her as a P.I., but you’ll have to check out Jared and I’s spoiler review on our Patreon to find out what that was.

With all of that being said, you should absolutely watch Jessica Jones on Netflix. The amount of badass women in this show make viewing it a necessity. Let us know what you thought of the past two seasons in the comments below!




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