Review: The Walking Dead (Season 8, 2018)

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Still from “Wrath”

– At Your Discretion – TV-MA, Drama, Action 


If you are looking for a bland TV show to watch with no character development and low production value, this is the show for you. Not only does The Walking Dead fail to end the “all-out war” story arc in a satisfying way, but they provide little story bites for the following season that are cringe-inducing.

While last season was awful, it didn’t appear that the crew and executives of The Walking Dead were holding it up to be the best storytelling they could come up with. However, that is the case with this season; they were spouting off about how the action had increased and that the stakes were back. But if you look close enough (actually you can see it from a mile away) they don’t actually care about making a decent show. They only care about money.

Many indicators have led to this observation. For one, the episode order needs cut back by at least 6 episodes. There is no excuse to have certain stories drag along for a number of episodes before returning to it, especially without purpose; mind you this happens frequently but more in recent seasons. A slash in episodes would allow for a bigger budget for a more concise number of episodes and would allow for the executives to pay their cast and crew more money.

Was the war wrapped in a satisfying way? No. It felt too fast and too easy for the conclusion we received. After 15 episodes, it’s okay for you to demand more from your favorite TV show. I started watching The Walking Dead when it first aired. At the end of the second season, it became a show me and my mom watched every Sunday. While the show has never been the greatest television has to offer, it was entertaining and the story itself was mostly good; I even felt Season 6 was okay.

Rick and Carl
Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead

So what’s the best portion of the season? That easily goes to the relationship between Rick and Carl, which at times felt like a side plot when it should have felt like the main focus. The creators even threw an important relationship from the comic book out the window halfway through the season. Mind you, this is after they laid the foundation for this storyline in the previous season.

I don’t ever do this but I’m going to: I would give this season a 3/10. What a waste of juicy storylines and good acting talent. The showrunners and executives need to beware that if they don’t change, they will lose viewers and ratings will dip (they already have).

Now…for a one paragraph review of…


Still from “What’s Your Story?”

+ Recommended – TV-MA, Drama



Fear the Walking Dead had an incredible run last seasonThis season’s premiere had Morgan crossing over to join the cast of Fear. While we don’t get much from the resident characters of the show, we get to see these three new characters interact with each other. The characters were not only intriguing, but we learned a lot from them in a short amount of time and already can fall in love with them; I did. The only negative I’ve found is that the parent show didn’t really give Morgan a solid purpose for crossing over.

Moral of the story? Tune in to Fear the Walking Dead for actual storytelling and growth. I won’t be reviewing The Walking Dead next season, but I will be doing Fear.




Author: Jared Charles

I am the owner of The Burrow Reviews. Currently studying Film, English, Political Science, and Gender Studies.

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