Review: Partitioned Heart (2017)


+ Recommended – NR, Short, Drama



I don’t tend to have a lot of luck when I’m watching shorts that I’m supposed to review. Rarely will the end product be something that I’ll want to actually spend the time to write a critique piece for. Here we are faced with an 8 minute heart breaker about a dad who might have to make the decision to lose his son for a second, and final, time. But is it worth watching?

For once, the answer is yes. I was absolutely shocked when our first frame opens and did not lose that sense of awe throughout the short. This filming style is absolutely gorgeous and is used in the best of ways. It makes sense, when you look at the list for cast and crew. They really went at this with a minimalist mindset and it pays off. We’ve really only got the one setting, the father (Travis Mitchell) sitting in front of his computer displays talking to his son (Malik Uhuru).


With Matt Morris as both writer and director, there is clearly a strong presence who knew that a simple storyline matched with fantastic acting, and just the right cinematographer (thank you, Brian Seo), would create a stunning short that overflows with the right amounts of emotion. It’s a simple yet poignant view that we hold for the quick amount of time we get to see these characters.


If you have the opportunity, because you definitely have the time, you should definitely check out Partitioned Heart. This film is a shining example of what a good short is and I want to see more from this director. Based on the award they’ve already received for Best Drama at the CineYouth Festival, other people are excitedly watching as well.

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