Indie Review: Sean Meehan’s Paranormal Buddy Cop Film ‘Mallas, MA’ (2013)

+ Recommended – NR, Short, Comedy, Drama (7 minutes)


Who says that two con artists can’t double as pseudo-paranormal investigators who stumble upon a groundbreaking discovery? In this short, the town is just as much of a character as the two leads. Timothy J. Cox and Maria Natapov star in Mallas, MA

Brain Higgins (Cox) and Maria Synder (Natapov) are two thieves looking for their next fat check to cash in. They take a tour through Mallas, Massachusetts to scavenge the town of its rich history and art. They pose as two paranormal investigators who move from house to house, stealing from from the loaded town inhabitants. 

Image via IMDB

Numerous shots reveal the beauty of this expansive town in comparison to our characters, who to say the least, are very troubled. Even the interior of the houses themselves have more positive characteristics than our two lead characters. Higgins and Synder have a common goal, and the chemistry to maintain a working relationship. This is channeled through two great performances and strong delivery. 

The climactic moment feels wildly unnatural and exposes the only weak bit of script; it sounds very much like the equivalent of walking on nails. Cox is undoubtedly performing, and very well, but the dialogue is unforgivable in this section. Comparatively to the other scenes, this section must live and breathe in a different film. One in which sequence of events could explain the sudden outburst from our lead character. 

In any matter, the supernatural element to Mallas, MA provides an extra layer of substance for audiences to grasp onto. Without it, this wouldn’t have worked at all. These mystical edits are crafted delicately, as not to expose the tricks behind the camera and ultimately widen the scope of the respective charm.

It’s a quick watch, and a short in which the audience can assemble the ending for themselves. Check it out below or go watch it on Vimeo. More indie film reviews are on the way! 

Mallas, MA

Author: Jared Charles

I am the owner of The Burrow Reviews. Currently studying Film, English, Political Science, and Gender Studies.

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