My name is Jared, and I am a Nebraskan film and TV reviewer and future critic. Here, you will find reviews for newly released movies and TV shows, along with Hollywood related news. To compliment that content, I will also write reviews/stories covering film and TV projects here in Nebraska to support the local community. 

While studying at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I gave myself one goal: do what makes me happy. Fortunately, I found my passion and began to work on my future in many ways; writing screenplays, acting, and studying film. For a while I managed a movie theatre along with an incredible team of genuine people. It was there that I learned how exciting the movie industry truly is. With this knowledge base and passion, I plan to bring my audience a professional and enjoyable way to keep up with the world of entertainment! I couldn’t thank you enough for being here. 
Some articles or reviews may come from a secondary writer and will be noted as such. Here is a quote from Riley, a writer you will be seeing the most:

I  am going to University of Nebraska-Lincoln for English and Art History. When I’m not studying, I am coaching slam poetry at local high schools. My favorite film is Ginger and Rosa and my favorite TV show is Parks and Recreation. I am The Burrow Reviews’ secondary writer and Social Media Manager.

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