Review: Next Gen (2018)

There is a reason it took me so long to come out with this review. I hear you, “Riley,” you whisper, “this movie came out a month ago. Where have you been?” And I have your answers. Jared and I watched this movie almost two weeks ago. I even did a Stardust reaction for it! The fact of the matter though, is that I was a little disappointed.┬áNext Gen was really hyped up for me and I sat down expecting to have my socks blown off. However, my feet remained toasty as my socks stayed firmly in place. Let’s start with the premise:

Review: Love O2O (2016)

‘Love O2O’, also known as ‘Just One Smile is Very Alluring’, is going down on the books as one of my favorite dramas of all time. I don’t know what it is about this show that has me coming back time and time again, but I’ll try to explain it throughout this review.