Cleaning Costs, HBO Max, Scream 5, and More

On this episode, Jared discusses COVID-19’s impact on the film industry moving forward as production on several films and television shows is set to begin in early June.

‘Scream 5’ has a major casting announcement and HBO Max is a game-changer: wielding both the Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’ (2017) and a massive horror library.

Jared reviews a Netflix Original, ‘The Half of It’ (2020), as well.

Plus, a new podcast format is featured!

When Reality Strikes Hollywood

Jared is back to discuss how COVID-19 is rapidly impacting the film industry and the world abroad. ‘No Time to Die’, ‘A Quiet Place Part II’, and ‘Peter Rabbit 2’, have all been delayed. Multiple venues and public gatherings are closing down – in addition to public schools and businesses, eventually.