Review: Halloween (2018)

It’s Laurie’s struggle with PTSD and the baggage between her and Michael that separate ‘Halloween’ (2018) from any other generic slasher flick, but this wouldn’t have been possible without Carpenter’s original to work off of, and the team behind this direct sequel acknowledge that. 

Review: A Star Is Born (2018)

There have been four to date, including the newest version and while that may seem like the producers just wanted to back something familiar, almost as a guaranteed money-maker, I can denounce, with certainty, any such claims. Indeed, there’s a justifiable reason for this film to exist and why every time period deserves its own star.

Review: Next Gen (2018)

There is a reason it took me so long to come out with this review. I hear you, “Riley,” you whisper, “this movie came out a month ago. Where have you been?” And I have your answers. Jared and I watched this movie almost two weeks ago. I even did a Stardust reaction for it! The fact of the matter though, is that I was a little disappointed. Next Gen was really hyped up for me and I sat down expecting to have my socks blown off. However, my feet remained toasty as my socks stayed firmly in place. Let’s start with the premise: